G&K Development recently completed an Ecoflex modular lab installation in Cushing, Oklahoma, for the petroleum pipeline industry. This project marks the 14th modular lab project that G&K has built with partner Green Energy Hoods in eight states across the U.S. and Canada.

“In the petroleum industry, the delivery provider must provide proof of the quality and types of liquids being sent through pipelines to their customers,” explained Nick Georgiou, co-owner of G&K Development. “These modular labs are basically checkpoints that test the quality of the product and provide verification to the customer,” Georgiou added.

“The result for our client in Cushing is a new, state-of-the-art, safe laboratory built with very minimal disruption to their day-today operations,” Georgiou added.

There are many benefits to building these labs off-site, shipping them to their locations and reassembling them on-site. Those benefits include:

  1. TIME – “The Cushing Lab was installed 10 days from the date it arrived on site,” Georgiou stated. “Typically, it takes eight months from project award to finish to build these labs, which we do off-site. In addition to the financial savings, this saves the client a great deal of disruption that building it on-site would cause,” he added.
  2. SAFETY – “When we build the labs off-site, this allows us to test them in a safer environment,” Georgiou offered. “If we have any issues, they do not affect the operations on the pipeline site,” he added.

The demand for these modular labs has risen so greatly that G&K partnered with Green Energy Hoods, a TEL Solutions company, to launch EcoFlex™, maker of flexible and cost-effective laboratories and laboratory products known for their innovative, intrinsically-safe, and energy saving features. Products can be purchased through the company’s new website, http://www.EcoFlex-Labs.com. Laboratory photos can also be viewed on the website at http://www.ecoflex-labs.com/index.php/gallery

“We offer a turnkey solution that allows our clients one source for all of their needs, from permitting to final commissioning,” Georgiou added. “This way they have the peace of mind that their labs are being designed, built and turned over to them fully commissioned and ready to use,” he said.

More stories on the Cushing Lab can be found on our website at https://gk-development.com/blog-post/gk-development-marks-milestone-petroleum-pipeline-industry/.

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