Ecoflex PhotosG&K Development recently announced the launch of EcoFlex™, maker of flexible and cost-effective laboratory products known for innovative, intrinsically-safe, and energy saving features.  EcoFlex™ is a marketing collaboration between G&K Development and established laboratory service firm Green Energy Hoods. Products can be purchased through the company’s new website,

The new website will help laboratory managers and specifiers evaluate this technology for saving money and increasing safety in their laboratories.  These high-quality products are engineered to provide new options for managers who need to build a new laboratory, or to add fume hoods at an existing lab.

Commented EcoFlex partner Jason Sparbel, “The website is a platform for showing how we’re applying industry best practices to re-imagine lab technologies. We use state-of-the-art, intrinsically-safe, TEL fume hood technologies while dramatically reducing set-up times and operating costs.”

Just what is it that EcoFlex™ provides? The following are the two ground-breaking platforms offered:

  1. Relocatable Fume Hoods: developed to revolutionize the fume hood package for customers who operate existing laboratories, and
  2. Modular Labs: developed to transform on-site implementation for customers who need new labs in remote locations.

“The modular labs were developed to create a cost effective solution for remote pipeline terminal sites,” said Nick Georgiou, EcoFlex partner and co-owner of G&K Development. “This same expertise can be applied to any client looking for a modular lab solution,” he explained.

For information, please visit or call (219) 365-3508 to learn more about these innovative technologies.