G&K Development has designed an innovative, cost-effective solution to streamline the test laboratory building process. Leveraging technology, pre-fabrication and logistics has enabled us to offer a unique solution for the modular lab market. As such, we co-developed and launched EcoFlex™, maker of flexible and cost-effective laboratory products known for innovative, intrinsically-safe, and energy saving features.  EcoFlex™ is a marketing collaboration between G&K Development and established laboratory service firm Green Energy Hoods.

EcoFlex™ offers two ground-breaking platforms available through the website:

  1. Relocatable Fume Hoods: developed to revolutionize the fume hood package for customers who operate existing laboratories, and
  2. Modular Labs: developed to transform on-site implementation for customers who need new labs in remote locations.

More information can be found and products purchased through the company’s website, www.EcoFlex-Labs.com. You can also download our brochure and/or call (219) 365-3508 to learn more about these innovative technologies.

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